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Trail Maintenance and Outdoor Labor

We love trails. Somebody has to keep them up. Put your back into it!

Adopt-A-Trail Volunteers (Wisconsin State Parks)

Individuals or groups may adopt a trail or segment of a trail by volunteering their time to help keep the trail clean and safe. It may be a state trail or a trail within a state park, forest or recreation area. Adopt-A-Trail sponsors collect litter and perform minor trail maintenance, assist with the control of invasive species and the planting of native species, record and report to the property manager any major or hazardous trail obstructions, and gather and return any "lost and found" items to the property office. If you are interested in adopting a trail, contact the park, forest or trail manager. Learn more.


Ice Age Trail Alliance

Volunteers are the heart, soul, hands and backbone of the Ice Age Trail Alliance. Thanks to their enormous efforts, over 600 blazed Trail miles exist so far. But a great deal of work remains before the Ice Age Trail is complete.

Mobile Skills Crew (MSC) events offer a great opportunity to give back to the outdoors while spending quality time in it. Volunteers at MSC events work hard, learn best-practice trail building techniques, develop lasting friendships with each other and, most importantly, have fun. For more information, check out MSC.


Trail Tender Volunteers (Wisconsin State Parks)

Trail Tenders volunteer their time to patrol our state trails for the safety and enjoyment of all users. Trail Tenders act as role models, assist and provide support to other trail users, and give feedback to property managers. Trail tenders sell state trail passes, educate trail users on rules and regulations, as well as trail etiquette Trail Tenders are not law enforcement officers but most are affiliated with Friends Groups and work with state park and trail staff. Trail Tender volunteers wear t-shirts and name badges when on the trail to be easily identified by trail users. If you are interested in becoming a Trail Tender, contact the Friends Group or DNR property manager associated with your preferred trail. For more information, visit the Wisconsin DNR website.

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