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There are many environmental jobs and different types of careers than what you may be aware of. This Web page has a lot of information. Learn about the different jobs and careers, decide which ones you are interested, then figure out what you need to do to become the top candidate.
  • Titan Jobs
    UW Oshkosh's Titan Jobs is a great resource for locating jobs and internships. Check back regularly!
  • Alumni Employment and Advanced Education
    What are our alumni doing? The ES programs prepares students for a wide range of careers and graduate programs.
  • Job Seeker
    Environmental studies nationwide job postings.
  • Websites with Job Listings
    There are a lot of environmentally related jobs. The trick is finding out what they are. The ES program has various listings to help you find the right job.
  • An Extensive List of Websites with Sustainability Jobs!
  • Environmental Agencies of Wisconsin Counties
    Be sure to check county websites for employment and internship possibilities.
  • Organizations with Environmental Jobs
    Because there are so many great jobs concerning the environment, there are many websites that list employment opportunities. In fact, there are many different kinds of websites. Try to become familiar with these, so you will have a good sense of what opportunities await you. I have noted in green which websites are particularly helpful.
  • Career Fields
    There is an incredibly wide range of environmental jobs and careers. Don't assume you know what kind of job or career you want -- there may be others you haven't thought of. Spend a lot of time researching different environmental careers using the following websites and books we have in the ES office. The time you spend may make all the difference in your life!
  • Websites on Career Fields
    These are websites that tell you what a career in each field is like and what it takes to get into it.
  • ES Career Preparation Program
    The environmental studies program is designed to not just to teach you but to empower you to enter graduate school, pursue the career you want and become a responsible and effective citizen in the community. However, especially because it is a broad, interdisciplinary program, the program does not function as a complete vocational training. It is up to you to take the extra steps to prepare yourself to get into graduate school and a career you want.
  • Jobs With The Federal Government
    And there are a lot of them. But it can be a maze trying to find them. This website will help your search.
  • Environmental Jobs in the Federal Government
    The U.S. government has a large number and wide variety of jobs that are related to the environment, but finding the jobs and the qualifications for them can be a challenge. The information on this website is designed to help you learn about federal jobs.
  • Resources for getting that job you want
    Wisconsin has a website with various information to help you get a job
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