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Geology 150: Environmental Geology (NS)

The physical environment and human interaction with it. Emphasis on earth processes which affect humans, such as rivers, erosion, groundwater, landslides, and earthquakes. Includes a laboratory with study of rocks and minerals, soils, water quality, maps, hydroprocesses, and a local field trip. Course is recommended for non-majors. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: Geology 102, 110, or 150.


Geology 320: Geomorphology

Fundamentals of surficial geology and landscape form and process. Laboratory work includes study of topographic maps, geologic maps, and air photos which are representative of major physiographic provinces in the United States. A field trip is required.

Prerequisite: Geology 109. (Fall-even years)


Geology 328: Oceanography

Basic phenomena and conditions of the oceans, development of the science of oceanography, structure of the ocean basins, chemistry and physics of sea water, circulation of oceans, life in the sea and the deposits on the floor of the sea.

Prerequisite: Eight units (crs.) of lab science.


Geology 335: Glacial Geology

The origin, movement, and decay of glaciers; landforms developed by glaciers; the glacial succession and associated environmental changes, and the economic aspects of glaciation. A field trip is required.

Prerequisite: Geology 102, 110 or 150. (Fall-odd years)


Geology 365: Hydrogeology

This course explores various aspects of the water cycle.  Major topics include evaporation, precipitation, surface water hydrology, occurrence of soil moisture and groundwater, properties of aquifers, principles of groundwater flow, groundwater flow to wells, and the geologic settings of groundwater supplies.  Laboratory exercises will familiarize students with sources of hydrologic data and with mathematical and graphical methods of analyzing those data to solved applied problems.

Prerequisites: Geology 102, 110, or 150; Mathematics 108; or consent of instructor.


Geology 366: Ground Water Hydrology

The occurrence, nature and movement of ground water studied from both theoretical and practical viewpoints. Ground water resources, hydrogeochemistry, groundwater resource management and techniques of modeling ground water flow. Environmental applications are stressed.

Prerequisite: Geology 365, Mathematics 171 and Chemistry 106. (Spring-even years)


Geology 370: Field Hydrogeology I

Prerequisite: Geol 365 or consent of instructor.


Geology 371: Field Hydrogeology II

Prerequisite: Geol 366 or consent of instructor.

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