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The Carbon Price Communique

A strong statement by corporations for the need for a price on carbon.

The Communique was launched in 2012 in the run up to the UNFCC COP 18 negotiations in Doha. It has already secured the support of over 155 companies from around the world. Signatories include many major corporations, including BP, British Airways, Lloyds Banking Group, Ricoh, Shell, Statoil, Swiss Re, and Unilever.

Recognizing the unquestionable reality and deep danger of the climate crisis, the companies “urge policy-makers to focus on introducing a clear carbon price framework in a stable and timely manner, namely:

(1) Make carbon pricing a central part of national policy responses.

(2) Work towards the long term objective of a carbon price throughout the global economy.

(3) Set sufficient ambition through internationally agreed targets to drive change at a pace commensurate 
with the 2°C goal.”

The Carbon Price Communiqué

The Carbon Price Communiqué Q & A


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