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Carbon Tax

Carbon tax is one of the major policy options for minimizing carbon pollution. Here are sources of information on this policy.


Explanations of Carbon Taxes

Carbon Fee and Dividend FAQs (Citizens Climate Lobby)

Carbon Tax (Wikipedia)

Carbon Tax Communique (Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, University of Cambridge, U.K.)

Considering a Carbon Tax: FAQs (Center for Climate and Electricity Policy)

The Economic Impacts of Carbon Pricing (Skeptical Science)

Mapping Carbon Pricing Initiatives (World Bank)

Options and Considerations for a Federal Carbon Tax (C2ES)



BC's Carbon Tax Shift After Five Years (Sustainable Prosperity, Canada, July 2013)

Carbon Tax Review and Overview (British Columbia, Canada)

Effects of a Carbon Tax on the Economy and Environment (Congressional Budget Office, May 2013)

Energy/Carbon Taxes in Other Countries (EPA)


Advocacy for Carbon Taxes

Are There Circumstances Under Which Republicans Can Support a Carbon Tax? (Video debate)

Carbon Tax is the Best Option Congress Has (Washington Post editorial 5/7/13)

A Carbon Tax that America Could Live With (Gregory Mankiw, NY Times 8/31/13)

The Case for Charges on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Richard Cooper)

Ditch the Ethanol Mandate. Try a Carbon Tax (Washington Post editorial 8/25/13)

How Conservatives Can Take Charge of Climate Change (Fernandez and Gregoire-Wright, Tampa Bay Times 6/1/13)

The Most Sensible Tax of All (Bauman and Hsu, NY Times 7/4/12)

The Myriad Benefits of Carbon Taxes (Laura D'Andrea Tyson, New York Times 6/28/13)

The Positive Economic Impact of Carbon Taxes (David Roberts, Grist)

Republican Case for Climate Action (Washington Post 8/1/13)

Why We Support a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax (George Schultz & Gary Becker, Wall Street Journal 4/7/13)


Organizations that are directly relevant to carbon tax policies

Carbon Tax Center

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Citizens Climate Lobby

Energy and Enterprise Initiative

Post Carbon Institute

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