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Canadian Oils Sands and Global Warming

Though the oil sands development is devastating to the local environment, it also devastating to the planet's climate far into the future.


How can we avoid climate catastrophe? Keep fossil fuels in the ground. How can we guarantee our grandchildren live in a perilous and impoverished planet? Extract and burn unconventional fossil fuels such as oil sands and oil shale.

Here are some sources of information on the climate change consequences of developing the Canadian oil sands.


Oilsands and Climate Change (Pembina Institute, September 16, 2011. 4 page fact sheet)

Tar Sands and Global Warming (Sierra Club webpage)

Tar Sands and Climate Change (Greenpeace fact sheet)

Tar Sands Threat: Climate Change (Greenpeace webpage)


Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math. Bill McKibben. Rolling Stone. 19 July 2012. Detailed analysis by the leading climate activist of what happens if unconventional fossil fuels are extracted and burned.

Oil Sands and Climate Change (Pembina Institute, October 14, 2011. 14 page briefing note)

Clearing the Air on Oilsands Emissions. (Pembina Institute, November 3, 2012. 15 pages)

Climate Implications of the Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline (Pembina Institute, January 17, 2013. 12 pages.)

Forecasting the impacts of oilsands expansion (Pembina Institute, June 20, 2013. 13 pages.)

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