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Insurance Companies & Banks on Climate Change

Yes, of course they believe. Denying future reality would cripple their investments.

Insurance leaders pack climate punch
23 May 2014. Climate News Network.

Former Bush Treasury Sec Hank Paulson to Entrepreneurs: Take Climate Change Seriously
24 June 2014. By Jonathan Fahey,

Climate worries insurers and military
15 May 2014. Climate News Network.

For Insurers No Doubts on Climate Change
14 May 2013. New York Times.

Elite hedge funds: Wall Street is missing this one major risk.
26 Apr 2014 CNBC.

Barclays Banks Supports Banking Environment Initiative (BEI)
Leading U.K. bank affirms that "Climate change and resource scarcity are amongst society’s greatest challenges. Banks have an integral role to play in the acceleration to a sustainable low carbon economy. This will require substantive investment from both the public and private sector, as well as innovative partnerships and a supportive policy framework."

Deusche Bank Affirms the Seriousness of Climate Change
"When 831 scientists from 85 countries collaborate on a publication, it must be about something that affects us all. And when over a thousand more experts contribute as authors and reviewers too, it must be about an issue with global significance: climate change and its impacts."

HSBC appoints new climate change chief
18 March 2014. World Environment News.
Major international bank HSBC has appointed a new head of climate change research to replace Nick Robins, who stepped down earlier this year to help lead a United Nations-led project into how to decarbonizes the global economy.


Lloyd's of London calls on insurers to take into account climate-change risk. 6 May 2014. The Guardian.
Lloyd's of London, the world's oldest and biggest insurance market, has for the first time called on insurers to incorporate climate change into their models.


National Association of Insurance Commissioners webpage on Climate Risk Disclosure


S&P Ratings Service: Climate change to hit sovereign creditworthiness: S&P Ratings Service.
15 May 2014. Bloomberg News.

Swiss RE on climate change
Insurance giant Swiss Re: "We continually strive to minimise its carbon footprint and promote appropriate action to address and prepare for climate change," says Mark Way, Swiss Re's Head of Sustainability in the Americas. "We are delighted that our work has been recognised by the inclusion of Swiss Re in the Climate Performance Leadership Index 2013."

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