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Faculty Senate Endorses Divestment

On March 18, 2014, the U.W. Oshkosh Faculty Senate overwhelmingly approved a proposal asking the U.W. Foundation to divest from fossil fuels. U.W.O is the first campus in Wisconsin where the faculty as a whole taken this stand, and one of a few campuses nationwide.


The proposal endorsed by the faculty reads:

  1. The U.W. Oshkosh Foundation immediately freeze any new investments in the fossil fuel industry.
  2. Over the next five years, the Foundation divest from its holdings in the fossil fuel industry, as outlined by the Carbon Tracker’s Top 200 Fossil Fuel Companies or an alternative list of fossil fuel companies by MSCI.
  3. The Foundation reinvest the money in investments that reflect the university’s stated values, including green energy and Wisconsin-based community-building endeavors.


The U.W.O. Foundation is in the process of considering this proposal.

For more information, contact

Kay Neal, President of the Faculty Senate:
David Barnhill, Director of Environmental Studies:

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