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Divestment from Fossil Fuel Companies

With its commitment to sustainability and the University Presidents' Climate Commitment, should UW Oshkosh invest in fossil fuel companies?

Divestment centers on a simple question: should a university invest in companies whose practices, products, or impacts run counter to the university's stated values?

For a five-point argument in favor of divestment as a logical response to the climate crisis and the values of UW Oshkosh, click here.

For some arguments against divestment, with rebuttals, click here.

For much more about divestment, here are links to some important information.

The Divestment/Reinvestment Proposal.
Divest? What exactly is being proposed? Find out by clicking here.

Divestment is an Effective Tactic for Social Change
Is divestment an effective tactic? How have divestment campaigns worked in the past? What is the current prospect of fossil fuel divestment have an impact? To learn the answers, click here.

Divesting from Fossil Fuels is Financially Sound.
What is involved in divesting from fossil fuels? What are the financial implications? Would it be a responsible path for a university to take? To find financial analyses of such issues, click here.

Fossil Fuel Investments Are Increasingly Risky
Are fossil fuel companies overvalued? Are investments in fossil fuel companies becoming increasingly risky? Yes, because of "stranded assets" overvalue fossil fuel stocks, which results in our current "carbon bubble."
To find financial analyses of stranded assets, click here.
For news reports and blogs on the carbon bubble, click here.

Many Options for Financially Sound Fossil-Free Reinvestments.
Are there financially sound fossil-free and sustainable ways to reinvest after divesting? There are, in fact, may, and to find out, click here.

Articles and editorials about divestment.
What are the current events and situations concerning campus divestment? What media articles inform us about the divestment movement? What have been the editorials about the divestment campaign? To find a list of some media articles, click here.

College Presidents Voice Support for Divestment
Several college presidents have taken a stand in favor of fossil fuel divestment. Click here to read their statements.

Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns at Universities.
What's the status of divestment campaigns at colleges and universities? Click here for links to news reports.

Universities and municipalities that have divested.
What colleges and universities have already committed to divestment? What municipalities have done so? Click here to find out.

Organizations involved in the divestment issue.
What organizations are taking the lead in the divestment movement? What are they saying, and what resources do they offer? To find out, click here.

Guides to Campus Fossil Fuel Divestment
Some folks have produced useful guides to divestment campaigns and fossil fuel divestment. Click here for links to several..

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