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Corporations See the Danger of Climate Change

If you're a corporation and you want to make money in the future, climate change denial ideology is not an option.

Big Business Working on Climate Science
5 Aug 2014. US News & World Report.
Many companies, not gas related, are actively working to fix climate change. Just as the scientific community has grown quite certain of the risks inherent in altering Earth’s climate system, the global business community has now accepted the science of climate change and is acting on it in ways that might surprise people. Only the political system lags behind when it comes to the issue. Nearly every large multinational corporation (even big oil companies such as Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron, and BP) now accepts climate change science on its face. The only holdouts are coal companies that stand to lose most in a global energy transformation in the next 20 years, and private companies like Koch Industries that rely on the fossil fuel economy.

U.S. Companies Awaken to Threat of Climate Change
24 Jan 2014. New York Times.
Coke reflects a growing view among American business leaders and mainstream economists who see global warming as a force that contributes to lower gross domestic products, higher food and commodity costs, broken supply chains and increased financial risk. Their position is at striking odds with the longstanding argument, advanced by the coal industry and others, that policies to curb carbon emissions are more economically harmful than the impact of climate change.

The Climate Declaration
Dozens of major corporations have signed The Climate Declaration, affirming the reality and danger of global warming and calling for action to mitigate climate change. Signatories include Apple, Disney, Eastern Bank, eBay, Gap, General Motors, IKEA, Intel, Levi-Strauss, L’Oreal, Mars, Microsoft, Nestle, Nike, Outdoor Industry Association, Owen Corning, Sprint, Starbucks, Swiss Re, Symantec, Unilever.

Position statement on climate change
"The consensus on climate science is increasingly unequivocal -- global climate change is happening and man-made greenhouse gas emissions are a crucial factor. The implications of climate change for our planet are profound and wide-ranging, with expected impacts on biodiversity, water resources, public health and agriculture."

This huge corporation is tackling climate change—because it's a threat to the bottom line. 28 July 2014. Mother Jones.
General Mills has released a new set of climate policies stating unequivocally that they believe climate change is a big threat to global food security and its future business model.

General Mills joins climate change fight and requires pledges from suppliers too
29 July 2014. Guardian Weekly.
The Cheerios maker is the first major food company to commit to cutting emissions across its operations and supply chain. It also plans to lobby for climate action.

General Motors calls on Congress to rev up climate action
2 May 2013. BusinessGreen.
Auto giant adds signature to Climate Declaration, which calls on government to pass climate laws that would help economy.

Public Policy Position on Climate Change
"For almost 20 years NIKE, Inc. has recognized that climate change is an important challenge requiring urgent, meaningful action."


Position statement on climate change
"We understand that climate change is a critical issue and that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an important goal."


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