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Antarctic Ice is Growing

Yes, but...

Murdoch Misleads
13 Aug 2014. Climate Nexus.
While it's usually just his media doing the misleading on climate change, Rupert Murdoch himself gave an interview for The Australian, which has been labeled as "misleading" by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Fact Check."

Mr. Murdoch claimed there will always be a little climate change and that the North Pole is melting while the South Pole is getting bigger. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation explains how this is misleading, by pointing out that — while Antarctic sea ice is increasing in size — the increase is probably due to the melting of continental ice. This melting creates an influx of fresh water into the ocean, which freezes more readily than salt water, and increases sea ice cover.

Arctic sea ice on the other hand is, of course, melting, and it is doing so at a rate far greater than the rate at which Antarctic sea ice is growing. Overall, this means that sea ice is melting. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation also points out that ice sheets over the Antarctic are melting, as is the Greenland ice sheet. So when considering this global warming problem on a global scale, it's perfectly clear that the ice is melting and Murdoch is misleading.

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