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Learning Outcomes Environmental Studies 101

What can you expect to learn in ES 101?

ES 101 is intended to provide an opportunity to explore a limited number of environmental issues in a deep and focused way so that students appreciate the complexity of environmental problems. It is specifically not intended to be a broad survey of environmental problems.

Upon completion of ES 101, students will have acquired the following knowledge and skills:

  1. Students will develop an understanding that different stakeholders in environmental issues have different perspectives and an appreciation for the need to communicate effectively across stakeholder groups. Diverse stakeholders might include policymakers, scientists, media, activists, resource producers, indigenous peoples, or other groups.
  2. Students will be able to critically analyze the concept of sustainability and its three pillars (economic security, social equity, ecological responsibility) and the way this concept is applied and used.
  3. Students will develop an understanding that environmental problems have social implications and social causes, and that the costs and consequences of environmental problems vary across social divides, i.e. environmental justice.
  4. Students will be able understand and analyze the idea of environmental responsibility to human and natural communities, both for themselves and for others.
  5. Students will develop an understanding of the interdisciplinarity and complexity of environmental problems and their solutions, drawing from the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences.
  6. Students will be able to formulate their own conclusions about complicated environmental issues and communicate these ideas in a variety of formats. This might include class discussions, written essays, formal presentations, role plays, or other formats.
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