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Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh environmental studies (ES) website. We are a fast-growing program that gives students a broad interdisciplinary liberal arts education in environmental issues that students combine with specialized study to fit their interests and goals.

The Program

Interested in a major or minor in environmental studies? Thinking of a career dealing with the environment? Want to have a positive impact on environmental and social issues?

You have come to the right place. There is a lot of information. So, look around.

  • Advising Handbook
    Everything you always wanted to know about the ES program. Well, almost...
  • Environmental Citizenship and Engagement
    Our co-curricular program in volunteering, internships and proactive learning.
  • Current Opportunities
    Openings for volunteering, internships and proactive learning.
  • Jobs and Careers
    You can get a job working with the environment -- many of them and all different kinds. There is a lot of information here. So, spend some time learn what your possibilities are. Be sure to check out our new "Current Opportunities" Web page and the lists of ES jobs we subscribe to that are on your D2L page.
  • Internships and Volunteering
    These are a great ways to develop skills and experience.
  • Proactive Learning
    Here are off-campus learning opportunities to extend your education and better prepare you for the career ahead.
  • Innovative Courses
    ES courses are specifically designed to respond to student interests and goals as well as to make the curriculum distinctive.
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