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The 1st Annual Earth Charter Community Summit at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh brought a charge of fresh holistic awareness that was previously dormant to the University’s eager student body. Rusty Callier presented at that time the environmental Audit he had done at the University of Wisconsin River Falls and a panel of the University’s administration showed encouragement towards any student willing to do the same on our own campus. The Campus-wide Environmental Audit is still a work in progress three years later through the hard work of a small group of dedicated students. This website was created as a means of educating students about the Universities environmental impacts and to encourage the institutionalization of the audit. This Environmental Audit is meant to be an ongoing means for improvement. The recommendations that are made suggest ways of improving and are not meant to point out weaknesses or to downgrade previous efforts at sustainability nor are the only means of improvement. The objective is to continue the greening of our University and to minimize our impacts whenever possible. Below are some links to additional information regarding the Environmental Audit at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and other universities.

power point presentations

Building a Sustainable University: The UW Oshkosh Environmental Audit
(Michael Greene, Angela LeNoble)

Campus Environmental Audits
(Michael Greene, Angela LeNoble, Amber Foley, Julie Elias)

Luncheon presentation
(Iryna Depenchuk, Angela LeNoble, Michael Green)

Greening the Master Plan
The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh – Board of Regents Meeting
October 9, 2003

UW-Oshkosh Makes Green Energy Purchase

Campus Parking Plan - Fall 2003

advance titan Articles:

Energy and the environment: Pt. 1

Energy and the environment: Pt. 2

SEAC making a positive difference

"S.E.A.C."ing a greener space

Summit localizes international agenda

Oshkosh to host Earth Charter Summit activities

University undergoes resource usage audit

It’s not easy being green

Charting a path to environmental awareness

UW-O takes LEED

environmental audit at Other Universities:

University of Pennsylvania

University of River Falls

Macalester College

Bishop University

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Audit Questions

List of Questions

About the award for energy

About NWF Campus Ecology


Earth Charter Summit

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