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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offers a variety of programs leading to Associate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees. In 1996, the University celebrated its first 125 years of education excellence. The institution was established in 1871 as the Oshkosh State Normal School. In 1927, the school became a degree-granting institution and was renamed the Oshkosh State Teachers College. In 1951, the institution was renamed to Wisconsin State College Oshkosh and in 1964 became the Wisconsin State University Oshkosh. In 1971, it's centennial year, Oshkosh and other state colleges were merged with the University of Wisconsin System and was renamed the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, as it is known today. UW Oshkosh was the largest of the "comprehensive universities" in 1971 and continues that status today.

A master plan for UW Oshkosh was approved in 1970, updated and again approved in 1980. The master plan was updated in 2000 to reflect proposed boundary changes and future campus developments to address changing academic program needs with the most recent version completed in January 2002 reflecting physical footprint plans through 2012. In 1994, the Board of Regents approved the first Campus Development Plan for UW Oshkosh, which reflected the 1980 master plan and documented physical facilities and campus boundaries. The 2002 Campus Development Plan update reflects the new ten-year campus master plan.

This plan is based on the campus approved mission statement. It is consistent with the University's program needs and the Regent approved Enrollment Management III planning level of 9,202 FTE (approx. 11,000 headcount) for Fall 2002.

UW Oshkosh anticipates future growth to the 12,000 headcount level. The potential growth would come from new majors being approved and the creation of a number of collaborative partnerships with other campuses to serve the variety of educational needs required by citizens and industries of the Fox Valley and beyond., Acceptance of this plan recognizes planning issues to be addressed over the next decade that relate to the physical facilities. Final decisions on project requests are made by the Board of Regents and the State Building Commission each biennium.

Campus Master Plan

Campus: Current


The UW Oshkosh main campus consists of 115 contiguous acres on the east side of the Fox River in downtown Oshkosh. The present campus evolved over the years with the incorporation of the Normal school properties and through a series of purchases of neighboring houses and businesses.

The Campus Development Plan proposes to expand the planning boundary to include four very important contiguous parcels (45 acres) - the ArvinMeritor and Deltox properties along the Fox River, the Newman Center on the southeast corner of campus and the UW Oshkosh Credit Union located in the center of university-owned property near Blackhawk Commons. The acquisition of these properties is necessary in order to provide adequate acreage for identified new construction, development of parking lots and expansion of recreational athletic fields.

The Campus Development Plan also proposes to trade three remote properties (2 athletic fields and 1 parking lot - 15 acres) to the City of Oshkosh in exchange for the city owned Deltox property. These purchases and trades will result in a net increase of approximately 30 acres to the current campus acreage, bringing the overall total to 196 acres.

Planning Process

The space planning process at UW Oshkosh has been evolving over the past 10 years. In 2000, the process shifted into high gear and has been a top priority ever since. The process included the review and analysis of every GPR space on campus, with the appropriate department or administrative unit to determine the suitability of their assigned space and to project space needs for the next 5-10 years.

Once the information gathering stage was complete, the next step was to develop a number of alternatives for consideration. The alternatives review process was a highly collaborative effort by a wide spectrum of campus constituents and stakeholders. The final solution, upon which this Campus Development Plan is based, was achieved through the consensus of all academic and administrative leaders and managers, and it was reviewed by faculty, staff and students during a series of open forums. This process has enabled UW Oshkosh to develop a truly comprehensive plan that will serve the University well as it moves forward with each strategic component.

Campus Development Plan Earth Charter
Summit 2003


10/11/2003 - Angela LeNoble and Michael Greene present UW Oshkosh Environmental Audit as part of Earth Charter Summit 2003.

TBA - Presentation of the research to the Board of Regents.

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