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WBIS Program Goals

The mission of WBIS is to equip students with critical writing, reading, and thinking skills as a foundation for their liberal education and their meaningful participation in academic and public communities. We aim to achieve this mission through:

Written Communication

Students will learn strategies for effectively transmitting their ideas through the written word. They will learn to organize and connect their ideas clearly in writing. They will build their awareness of conventions of genre, style, mechanics, and grammar, remaining conscious of how these conventions may vary depending on context.

Writing Process Strategies

Students will receive guidance throughout their writing process. They will practice generating productive research questions and effective thesis statements. As they compose, revise, and edit their drafts, they will engage in critical reflections on their work and their own writing process.

Critical Thinking

Students will build strategies for understanding and interpreting written texts, as well as for critically evaluating these texts’ clarity, form, reliability, and rhetorical effectiveness. In the process, they will build awareness of how audience, genre, content, and purpose affect writing decisions. They will apply critical analysis to class readings and to their own and their peers’ in-progress writing.

Collaborative Work

Students will engage in productive discussions and collaborative activities that allow them to practice critical thinking and problem solving. Students may collaborate on a variety of tasks, such as discussions of class readings or potential paper topics, activities for learning documentation and writing skills, or reviews of one another’s paper plans or drafts.

Source Use and Information Literacy

Students will develop skills in retrieving, evaluating, and utilizing sources appropriately and ethically in college-level writing. They will practice incorporating effective and correctly documented summary, paraphrase, and quotation into their writing. They will build their ability to synthesize multiple viewpoints and enhance their understanding of how writers use citation practices to engage in academic conversation.


Dr. Samantha Looker, WBIS Director

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