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Minding Food Chains

Course: WBIS 188

Section: 003

Instructor: Park, Mijeong

Living in the 21st century as residents of the United States, we are both blessed and cursed with the abundance of food. Most of us rarely experience serious hunger, but we are facing other food-related problems, such as the obesity epidemic, nationwide outbreaks of food poisoning, and the environmental devastation of our farmlands. This course, “Minding Food Chains,” will discuss the historical, economical, and political origins of our staple food with the following questions: Where do our foods come from? Why does corn dominate the agricultural land of the United States? Who (or what) is accountable for the rapid increase in Americans’ obesity? Is organic food better than non-organic food? Are there more responsible, sustainable ways of producing and eating food? We will examine these and related questions in a workshop setting with discussion, in-class writing, and collaborative learning. We will also study the basic skills needed for academic writing: research methodology, rhetorical modes, and technical formatting. 


 (please note: section topics and descriptions are subject to change)


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