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Inventory of The Human Legacy

Course: WBIS 188

Section: 031, 032

Instructor: Niesen, Paul


Both observable and prophesized evidence have suggested that the human race as we know it may be nearing the end of its short but successful run on the planet Earth.  In this WBIS course, students will take a pre-apocalyptic look at key moments, achievements and trends in the history of the human endeavor in such categories of concern as environment, society, commerce, religion, science, culture, and sex.  Students will explore the history behind various fragments of the human legacy (World War I, Al Jolson, and Silly Putty, for example), whether those fragments are familiar or new to the student.  Attention will be paid not only to how the human race may have gotten itself to the edge of the abyss but also how it might pull itsself back for many more decades of humanness.  Students who hold with belief that "everything's fine" will be tolerated.


 (please note: section topics and descriptions are subject to change)


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