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Comic Book

Course: 188

Section: 024, 025

Instructor: Bruni, Domenic

The Comic Book is another of those American Inventions that, like jazz, music and baseball, began as a pleasure for everyday folks and bloomed into an art form.  From the humble beginnings of mere reprints of newspaper comic strips on cheap pulp paper sold at the corner news stand to the glossy volumes of original and startling material sold in bookstores next to the great works of literature, the comic book has become the medium of choice for some of the world's emerging artists and writers who continue to experiment with the form.  Its forms and tropes have influenced many other media:  modern art, television, movies, even literature.  Movies as diverse as The Matrix and The Waterboy are almost unimaginable without the influence of the comic book.  In many ways a majority of the films that Hollywood produces every year, particularly the summer blockbusters, are visual comic books.

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