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The American Civil War: Experience, Myth, and Memory

Course: Honors Composition 110

Section: 001

Instructor: Dingledine, Don

In this class, we will examine the American Civil War from many angles. We will see how ordinary Americans—men and women, young and old, black and white—experienced the events of the Civil War as they unfolded. In what ways do Americans continue to struggle with the memory and meaning of the Civil War nearly 150 years after it ended? What can we learn about American society as we sort the myths from the realities concerning this conflict in which more Americans died than in all subsequent wars through Vietnam (with the South losing 20% of its adult male population), but which also brought America closer to its founding ideals by freeing nearly four million slaves? How might our memory of the past shape our actions in the present? Novels, photographs, poems, short stories, letters, diaries, and public monuments will help us answer such questions.


 (please note: section topics and descriptions are subject to change)


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