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The Country and the City

Course: 188

Section:  032, 033

Instructors:  staff

The city, the city my dear Brutus--stick to that and live in its full light.  Residence elsewhere, as I made up my mind in early life, is mere eclipse and obscurity. Marcus Tullius Cicero


A contrast between country and city, as fundamental ways of life, reaches back into classical times. Raymond Williams


Where did you grow up, and what does that say about you?  What assumptions do you make about life in the country versus life in the city?  Is one better than the other, and why?  Using as its central lens the University Studies Program's Signature Question, "How do people understand and engage in community life?,"
 and examining a diverse selection of essays on urban and rural life, this WBIS will offer students the opportunity to carefully consider the internalized images and assumptions they hold in order to develop critical perspectives on the differences between urban and rural life.  Most importantly, students will cultivate skills that will allow them to articulate these perspectives in grammatically sound, structurally skillful, and rhetorically eloquent writing.

 (please note: section topics and descriptions are subject to change)

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