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Remembering The Holocaust

Course: Honors 110

Section: Honors 110-001

Instructor: Henson, Cary

The last century (including the beginning of the 21st) has been referred to as the century of genocide: more people have been killed in planned, systematic attacks simply because of their membership in a racial, ethnical, or religious group than ever before in human history. "Remembering the Holocaust: Representing Genocide in Memoir, Fiction, and Film" will confront this dire reality by probing the following questions: How do we remember such atrocities? Is it possible to convey through documentaries, memoirs, and literary texts and films those events that so dramatically exceed normal human experience? Moreover, are some ways of remembering more authentic, more compelling, or more conducive to preventing future genocides than others? We will examine these questions and more by reading a variety of textual materials (historical accounts, memoirs, and fictional narratives) and by viewing film representations (documentaries and feature films--fictional and non-fictional).


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