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Music & Cultural Identity

Course: 188

Section: 030, 035

Instructor: McCabe, Stephen

  "Music and Cultural Identity" will explore the relationships between music and cultural identity, the limits of those relationships, and even their possible fallacies. To what extent are we defined by our musical preferences? To what extent do we tend to define others by theirs? What are the origins and limits of these musical and cultural identities? What are the effects and implications of these identities? By reading, analyzing, and discussing a variety of academic and popular texts, articles, films, and digital resources, students will explore the role music plays in culture and constructing identity in an effort to better understand these dynamics. In the second half of the semester, students will then branch out in their own research interests that emerge from our common readings, culminating in a research essay that will develop from the drafts and response essays they've produced early in the semester.

 (please note: section topics and descriptions are subject to change)

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