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Adventure and Survival

Adventure and Survival

Course: 188

Section: 201

Instructor: Helmers, Marguerite

The members of the westward adventuring Donner Party were snowbound in Sierra Mountains in the 1840s. Ernest Shackleton’s ship The Endurance was caught in ice in the Antarctic in 1915. These famous stories, combined with the return of veterans who have survived Afghanistan and Iraq and the popularity of television programs such as Lost, Survivor, Man vs. Wild, and Survivorman raise the question, What fascination does survival hold for contemporary Americans? What does it mean to survive? Is survival the result of luck, special knowledge, or a bit of both? Given that many adventure stories involve an element of danger and that many great adventures culminated in fights to survive, the topic runs through history and literature. We will explore true and fictional stories of survival and adventure in this course.

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