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WBIS Course Criteria

The Director of the WBIS program and an interdisciplinary advisory board will use the following criteria, based on the WBIS Goals, when assessing WBIS proposals. The proposal, therefore, should explicitly describe how the proposed seminar will meet these criteria.

  1. The course must be focused on a specific question or set of related questions.

  2. The course must focus on writing process strategies; in other words, it should be designed to help students develop analytical writing skills and aptitude in critical editing and proofreading.

  3. The course must emphasize collaborative work; in other words, it should consist largely of classroom activities other than traditional lecture, in which students develop answers to the theme-based questions through writing and discussion.

  4. The texts (books, films, etc.) for the course must be limited in number to allow in-depth consideration of the theme-based questions.

  5. The course must stress synthesis of sources. Students must develop abilities in accessing appropriate research materials and evaluating ideas and information from a variety of print and electronic sources.

  6. Students must have at least two opportunities to engage in outside research.  (These opportunities need not necessarily be in the form of "research papers.")

  7. At least 70% of the course grade must be based on writing assignments.

In addition, each WBIS must include the following mandatory activities:

  1. Courses must include an introduction to the print and electronic resources and services available through Polk Library (technology goal).

  2. Courses must include a focus on critical analysis. Discussion of writing (planning, drafting, revising, and editing) and opportunities to revise written work after receiving feedback enable students to meet this goal.

  3. Courses must include an introduction to the ethical and legal use of print and electronic information and codes of academic honesty.


Dr. Samantha Looker, WBIS Director 

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