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Amount of Writing in WBIS Courses

Students in each WBIS section, regardless of theme, will compose a minimum of 5000 words per semester (approximately 20 typed, double-spaced pages).
Of this total word count, students will submit to instructors 3000 words (approximately 12 double-spaced pages) for feedback and response.
Of these 3000 words, two assignments must be sustained analyses of 750 words or greater (approximately 3 double-spaced pages each).

In sum:
  • 5000 word total per student, per semester, of which
  • 3000 words are submitted to instructors for feedback and response (graded or ungraded) of which
  • 1500 words are incorporated into 2 formal analytical works of 750 words each.


 Dr. Samantha Looker, WBIS Director
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