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Final Portfolio FAQ

Q: Who creates a portfolio?

A: All English majors intending to graduate with a liberal arts or education degree in English from UW Oshkosh, regardless of when they became a member of the program, create a portfolio as part of their work in English 481. English minors are not required by the department to complete a portfolio or take the exit interviews survey, but they may be required to complete these as part of their work in an English course, such as 481.


Q: How should I keep my work for the portfolio?

A: The English Department encourages all of its majors to use the Folio 21 career management system to maintain their English Department portfolios. Folio 21 is available to all students through their TitanJobs accounts and offers a convenient way to maintain online portfolios of student work. It can also be used to share work with future employers or graduate schools. An overview of Folio 21 will be provided in English 281, and Career Services can offer additional assistance.

Students can access Folio 21 via their TitanJobs account, available at At the Career Services page, select Titan Jobs. Follow the login instructions. Once logged in, from the My Account main menu, select MyFolio21. You can upload and download any files you wish and maintain multiple portfolios of any of your work. When creating portfolios, remember to note your portfolio address; this will be used by others to view your portfolio (and you can control what is or is not available for others to view). You will eventually create a final portfolio specifically for the English department assessment program from the work you store there.

Students who prefer not to use Folio 21 should dedicate a special folder or box for clean, unmarked, printed versions of the essays and should use TitanFiles or a flash drive for electronic copies of their written work for courses in the English major.


Q: The department gives some guidelines, but how should students decide which specific pieces to include in the portfolio?

A: Students might begin by looking at the Outcomes of the English Program to help identify the outcomes English majors should expect to achieve in the program. Written work included in the portfolio should demonstrate the student’s development in the major. Selection also should demonstrate how students have set their own goals, how they have challenged themselves, and how they have grown intellectually over time. Students will explain their rationale for choosing the pieces they select for the portfolio in the English 481 reflection.


Q: Will I get a grade on the portfolio?

A: Portfolios are read by instructors in the English department, but are not graded by the English department. The self-reflective pieces included in the portfolio will have been included in the final grade for the courses in which they were completed, and the means of grading the work is determined by individual instructors. Individual instructors may also elect to grade completion of your portfolio for a course in the English major, such as English 481. As part of the English major assessment process, instructors in the English Department evaluate the degree to which writers demonstrate the end Outcomes of the English Program.


Q: Will a poorly prepared portfolio prevent me from graduating?

A: A poorly prepared portfolio cannot hold any student back from registering for classes, receiving scholarships, or receiving a degree at UW Oshkosh.


Q: Where do I turn in my portfolio? Who reads it?

A: Portfolios are collected in English 481 and then forwarded to the department’s Assessment Committee. The committee randomly distributes the portfolios to members of the department who teach courses in the major, and these department members assess the portfolios.


Q: Can I get my portfolio back?

A:Portfolios will not be returned to students.


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