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Assessment Components

A. Portfolio Assessment 

Beginning with the first course in the major (English 281) and concluding with the senior seminar (English 481), students compile a portfolio of substantial pieces of writing from courses in the English major numbered 204, 223, and 301–482 (excluding Advanced Composition courses). The portfolio must include clean, unmarked, printed copies of

  1. the self-reflective introduction to the portfolio contents, completed in English 481;
  2. the self-reflective entry piece, completed in English 281;
  3. the senior seminar project, completed in English 481 (creative projects should include the accompanying researched, critical piece);
  4. one essay from English 381; and
  5. one creative piece completed for the English major (a short story, a creative non-fiction essay, or a collection of 2–3 poems).
  6. Optional: one additional written piece demonstrating growth or experience during the English major. 

At least one of these must be a substantial, researched, critical essay. All critical essays should include the Works Cited page.

Please see FAQs about the Portfolio for English Major Assessment and the guidelines for the English 481 reflection essay (coming soon) for additional guidance in which essays to include.


B. Online Exit Survey

Upon completing the requirements for the English major, students are invited to complete the online exit surveyabout their experiences as an English major at UW Oshkosh.


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