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Upper Division Classes, Fall 2013

The following courses which will meet the requirements under the English Department majors and minors are being offered in Fall 2013 (including interim). Please note: scheduled courses, instructors and/or meeting times are subject to change. For courses with Optional Content, visit the Optional Content page for a course description.

Core Courses

A1 - English Literature before 1900:

A2 - American Literature: 

A3 - Major Figures:

Area A III - Shakespeare, Chaucer, or Milton (Liberal Arts Majors)

Area A III - Shakespeare (Secondary Ed Majors only)
(Secondary Ed Majors must take Shakespeare to fulfill AREA A III)

A4 - Literature by women, American ethnic writers and/or post-colonial writers:


B - Linguistics (Secondary Education Majors):

B - Rhetoric/Linguistics (Liberal Arts Majors):

C - Creative Writing:


D - Cultural Studies or Specialized Literary Studies:

Group 1 Cultural Studies; Group 2 Literary Studies

Liberal Arts Majors and Secondary Education Majors


E - Young Adult Literature (Secondary Ed Majors):

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