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A catalogue of previous English department tours

  • Ireland In addition to literary awareness, students will gain geographical and historical knowledge by traveling. Ireland’s literary history extends back centuries and includes such famous names as Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, W. B. Yeats, and George Bernard Shaw. Furthermore, due to the migration from Ireland to the USA during the mid-19th century, America is home to a vast population of American Irish immigrants who have sought to preserve their heritage through story and song. Thus, as students travel to Ireland, they will also learn more about some of the histories and cultures that make up the United States and will become aware of cultural differences within their own country, thus enhancing their greater cultural sensitivity. Instructors: Marguerite Helmers and Pam Gemin, Spring 2011
  • Travel Writing in Nicaragua January 2010, join Friends of Nicaragua--a non profit organization improving lives through sustainable community development and cultural exchange--in a two-week service-learning experience at the Women in Action Project in Managua, Nicaragua's capital. In addition to assisting Women in Action with education, health and food projects, immerse yourself in Nicaraguan family life and visit scenic and cultural destinations around the country while studying how to bridge cultures through travel writing. You may alternatively register for this course as English 405 (Creative Writing) or English 302 (Advanced Composition for the Humanities). If you'd like to participate in this course, you must apply through the Office of International Education. Please contact Douglas Haynes in the English Department with questions. Instructor: Douglas Haynes, Fall 2009

  • Home and the Intrepid Heroine Travel to England! Visit Winchester, Bath, London, as well as country estates and the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales! Instructor: Julie Shaffer, Spring 2009
  • England This interim class will study the relationship between economic and social class and the way heroes are seen and represented. We will discuss an Arthurian Romance while sitting at the grave of Arthur and Guinevere. We will tour London to get a better understanding of the setting of the Sherlock Holmes mystery we will read. Students will experience both the charms of the small English villages and the excitement of one of the greatest cities in the world. By spending two weeks in England, the students will have an opportunity to experience a foreign country and to earn three credits. Instructor: Karl Boehler, Spring 2008
  • The Play's the Thing! Early British Drama in the United Kingdom
    Professor Jeanie Grant Moore (
    Spring Interim 2007: May 12 through June 2, 2007
    Credits for English 221, 350/550/356/556, or Theatre 404
  • Study Tour to Ireland
    Professor Marguerite Helmers (
    Spring Interim 2006: May 22 through June 2.

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