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Study Abroad with the Department of English

Study tours offered by the Department of English afford students the wonderful opportunity to combine their classroom reading and writing with a life-changing experiential component. See below for details about the current study tours offered by the department, as well as those offered in more recent years.

Study Tours 2016

Manchester, Oxford, and London—England, May 2016

Instructors: Pascale Manning and Christine Roth

Theme: Traveling through Literary and Artistic England

This study tour will introduce students to the historical, literary, and artistic heritage associated with three major English cities: Manchester, Oxford, and London. At each location, students will engage in an intensive, place-based, interactive study of the art, music, and literature of each city. Through class discussions, visits to major sites, scholarly readings, and writing assignments, we will think about the intersections between major literary and artistic movements in England and make critical observations that connect the writers, the artists, and their works with our own experience of the place and culture.

So, whether our reading takes us to the London of William Blake, Robert Louis Stevenson, or Oscar Wilde, or to Manchester in the grips of the industrial, scientific, and social revolutions of the nineteenth century, or to the famous colleges and meeting places of ancient Oxford, our travels through twenty-first-century England will lend complex dimension to our understanding of what we read and see. Throughout our literary travels through England we will ask and seek to critically answer certain key questions: How does visiting the places out of which literature emerges serve to texture our understanding both of the place itself and of the literature it helped to produce? What do we gain by going to a place rather than reading about it? To what extent is tourism like reading?

Students can sign up for the course as English 350/550 (Literary Study Tour) or English 357/557 (Literature and the Other Arts). We will hold several orientation meetings during the regular, fourteen-week spring semester.

During the interim term, we'll meet in class during the first week, and then we'll spend fifteen days in England. We'll spend the first five days in Manchester, then four days in Oxford, and then the final six days in London.

Contact Pascale Manning or Christine Roth for more information.

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