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Graduate Faculty

Laura Jean Baker, M.F.A. University of Michigan, Creative Writing

Loren Baybrook, Ph.D. University of Virginia, Modern American Literature, Poetry, Literary Theory, and History of Criticism

Karl Boehler, Ph.D. Marquette University, Medieval Studies and English

Liz Cannon, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin Madison, American Literature, Women's Literature, and American Ethnic Literature

Stewart Cole, Ph.D.  University of Toronto, Modern and Contemporary British Literature

Norlisha Crawford, PhD, University of Maryland - College Park, English

Don Dingledine, Ph.D. Temple University, American Literature and Culture

Aaron Dunckel, Ph.D. Syracuse University, British Literature and Criticism

Robert Feldman, Ph.D. University of Maryland, Modern American and European Drama

Vivian Foss, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin–Madison, Renaissance Literature

Douglas Haynes, MFA, Southern Illinois Univrsity Carbondale, Creative Writing

Marguerite Helmers, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Rhetoric and Composition, Criticism

Margaret Hostetler, Ph.D. University of Washington, Medieval Literature and Linguistics

Paul Klemp, Ph.D. University of Toronto, Renaissance Literature, Milton

Jordan Landry, Ph.D. University of Colorado at Boulder, American and Women's Literature

Samantha Looker, Ph.D. University of Illinois, Rhetoric and Composition

Roberta Maguire, Ph.D. University of Maryland, African American Literature, Southern Literature

Pascale Manning, Ph.D.  University of Western Ontario, Nineteenth Century British Literature, Science and Literature.

Crystal Mueller, Ph.D. Marquette University, Medieval and Early Modern Literature; Rhetoric/Composition

Francis Ngaboh-Smart, Ph.D. University of Georgia, Postcolonial and African Literature

Paul Niesen, M.F.A. University of Arizona, Fiction Writing, Literature and Composition

Mijeong Park, Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo, Asian American Studies and Comparative Literature

Duke Pesta, Ph.D. Purdue University, Renaissance Literature, Shakespeare

Ronald Rindo, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, 19th Century American Literature, Fiction Writing

Christine Roth, Ph.D. University of Florida, Victorian and Edwardian Literature

Miriam Schacht, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, English

Julie Shaffer, Ph.D. University of Washington, 18th and 19th Century Literature, Narrative, Women's Literature


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