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Required Courses

Required Courses for the Graduate Certificate Program in New Literatures

Requirements: 12 credits and a 10-page self-reflective written final project
Credits may be chosen from the following courses:
(Optional content (OC) courses may be taken twice for credit when the content is significantly different.)


  • ENG 519: African American Literature: OC
  • ENG 531: Contemporary Literature: OC
  • ENG 558: Postcolonial African Literature: OC
  • ENG 561: Asian American Literature: OC
  • ENG 567: African Literature
  • ENG 570: Native American Literature II: OC
  • ENG 571: African American Women Writers: OC
  • ENG 591: Gay and Lesbian Literature: OC
  • ENG 711: Seminar in American Ethnic Writers: OC
  • ENG 712: Seminar in Women Writers: OC


The following courses may also be selected to count for this certificate program if their content focuses on New Literatures:

  • ENG 531: Contemporary Literature: OC
  • ENG 557: Literature and Other Arts: OC
  • ENG 565: Modern British Fiction: OC
  • ENG 572: American Short Story: OC
  • ENG 576: Twentieth Century Literature: OC
  • ENG 578: Modern American Novel: OC
  • ENG 587: Special Topics in Rhetoric and Comp: OC
  • ENG 593: Special Topics in Literature: OC
  • ENG 701: Seminar in Literature: OC
  • ENG 703: Seminar in Criticism: OC
  • ENG 708: Contemporary American Poetry: OC
  • ENG 710: Seminar in Cultural Studies: OC


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