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List of 200-level Literature Courses

Students in each section of 200 level literature, regardless of course title, will compose a minimum of 4000 words per semester in a variety of formal and informal assignments; at least half of this word requirement (2000 words) will receive feedback from the instructor.

The following Department of English courses are writing-intensive:

210 Classical and Medieval Literature

211 British Literature I

212 British Literature II

213 American Literature I

214 American Literature II

219 African American Literature

220 Native American Literature

221 Asian American Literature

224 Women in Literature

225 Modern British Literature

226 Modern American Literature

227 Modern World Literature

228 Honors: Modern American Literature

229 Honors: African American Literature

231 Literature and Film

238 Introduction to the Literature of India

239 Introduction to Chinese Literature

240 Introduction to Japanese Literature

243 Introduction to Nature Writing

244 Japanese Nature Writing

247 Introduction to Shakespeare


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