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The Radford Teaching Lab may be reserved for instructional purposes by any UW Oshkosh faculty or staff member. As noted in the lab's mission statement, priority will be given to to instructors who wish to use the lab for writing-related activities.

All lab reserverations should be made with Sandy Brucks, Program Assistant:


As of Spring Interim 2005, the official, most up-to-date reservations are maintained on the University Google Mail Calendar system. Schedules are also posted outside of the Teaching Lab and on the second floor of Radford Hall, across from Room 214.


Lab reservations can only be made for the current semester and can only be reserved by instructors/ and or administrative staff.  Lab reservations for future semesters are taken at the same time book orders are placed with academic departments.  Email your request for computer lab time in the Radford Lab to Sandy with dates, times and class information relevant to the reservation.  Lab requests are taken in sequence and will be made and confirmed accordingly.


We also ask that if you no longer need the lab for your reserved time, please contact us so that we can notify others of the lab opening.


If you can not reach Sandy, email Ashley Jackowski Ashley is the ADA assigned to the English Department.  Her phone is 424-2232.

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