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Radford Teaching Lab

The Radford Teaching Lab is located in the basement of Radford Hall, adjacent to the general access computer lab. The Radford Teaching Lab is designated as a "writing-priority" lab. This means that, when scheduling the lab for classes, priority is given to instructors who wish to use the lab for writing-related activities. 

This does not mean that the lab is reserved for English Department writing classes. Rather, the purpose of this policy is to use the lab to support and encourage instructors in all departments at UW Oshkosh who wish to incorporate writing activities into their courses. A "writing-related activity" may be construed as any in-class activity (including introductory technology workshops) designed to support student writing or research in preparation for completing a writing assignment.

The lab has 36 seats facing the front where a teaching station is located.  There are 10 additional seats adjacent from the 36 seats.  The instructor's station has Insight available for instructors choosing to remotely control the 36 computers.  Monitors are available on side walls for projection. 

Reservations can be made only by instructors by contacting Sandy Brucks at or Ashley Jackowski at or 424-0626. A small conference room is available outside the teaching lab. 

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