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Boehler, Karl

Karl Boehler

Office: Radford 301

Phone: 920-424


Office Hours

Personal Statement

Area of interest is is ancient and medieval heroic poetry.

Recommended Reading

  • Beowulf
  • Iliad and Odyssey, Homer
  • Troilus and Creseyde, Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer


  • PhD, Marquette University, Medieval English
  • MA, Western Michigan University, English
  • MA, Medieval Institute at Western Michigan
  • BA, UW Green Bay, Humanistic Studies & History

Courses Taught

  • Professional Counseling 101: The First Year Experience
  • ENG101 First Year Composition
  • ENG101 Project Success, First Year Composition for Dyslexics
  • Honors 175 Interdisciplinary Seminar 
  • ENG188 First Year Theme Based Inquiry Seminar
  • ENG202 Second Year Composition
  • ENG210 Classical and Medieval Literature 
  • ENG211 Medieval and Renaissance Literature
  • ENG302 Advanced Composition for the Humanities 
  • ENG326/526 Classical Mythology
  • ENG340/540 Arthurian Romance 
  • ENG346/546 Chaucer and His Age 
  • ENG350/550 Study Tour of England: Heroes, Saints, and Sinners
  • ENG350/550 Study Tour of England: From Arthur to Zaphod
  • ENG351/551 Optional Content: Identity and Relationships
  • ENG351/551 Optional Content: Women and Medieval Literature
  • ENG446 Independent Study: Icelandic Literature
  • ENG446 Independent Study: Arthurian Romance
  • ENG446 Independent Study: Merlin
  • ENG446 Independent Study: Love in Western Lit
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