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Funding your Education

Resources for Helping Fund My Engineering Technology Degree


            One of the concerns for most students today is how to pay for their college education without taking on too much debt. The Engineering Technology Department at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh understands these concerns and is currently engaged in a fundraising campaign to raise $7 million for Student scholarships. This is in addition to the additional scholarships available to all students at UW Oshkosh.  The Campaign has just begun but opportunities will be communicated to those students that are declared majors.


            Many Scholarships at UW Oshkosh are managed through a centralized office and can be accessed through this website.   




             In addition to scholarships, the Engineering Technology Department works hard to provide paid internships and other employment opportunities for the Engineering Technology Majors.  We also have more than 50 corporate partners with job openings waiting for our Engineering Technology Graduates to become available to hire.  Please contact individual faculty members about any openings they may be aware of.  Summer employment through projects or industrial partners is another great option for both skills development and support of education.

            Another valuable source of support for interested students is the UW Oshkosh ROTC and Office of Military Science who offer scholarship opportunities specifically for students in the various engineering fields.  Here are some of those programs.  We encourage you to contact ROTC directly as there are a number of options that other Engineering Technology students have taken advantage of.

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