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Curriculum Vitae

Professional Profile

My professional goal is to grow as a world’s top expert with a forward-moving institution that provides an opportunity to enhance philosophy of sustainability by development in manufacturing- and energy-related areas with following already acquired expertise:

- Outstanding understanding of various industrial energy and manufacturing processes.

- Strong analytical and numerical modelling skills applied in solving of non-standard problems.

- Practical and theoretical background in energy-related measurements techniques.

- Outstanding interpersonal, team managing and teaching skills.



- Postdoctoral study, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan (USA), 2011-2014.

- Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), 2006.

- M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), 2001.


Work History

University Of Wisconsin Oshkosh, USA Aug 14 – present

Assistant Professor

- Research related to optimization of energy conversion processes in industrial sector

- Establishing, design and construction of the Teaching and Energy Research Industrial Lab (TERIL)

- Development in the start-up phase of a new Mechanical Engineering Technology program.

- Teach lower- and upper-level courses in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

- Establishing and mentoring of the UW Oshkosh Engineering Club


University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA Jan 08 – Jul 09, Sep 11 – Aug 14

Research Investigator

- Technical Director in two projects (US DoE and State Michigan) offering energy audits in medium and large scale manufacturing sector – over 80 conducted energy audits, resulting proposed energy savings recommendations exceeded $17,000,000,

- Research in following areas: energy efficient industrial furnaces operation, optimization of co-generation power plant, biomass thermal decomposition, optimization of compressed air system, process heating modification in ethanol plants.

Dekaban Fellow, Lecturer

- Small and medium size factory energy auditing – U.S. DoE Industrial Assessment Center.

- Research in biomass to biofuel conversion (numerical modelling and experimental research).

- Teaching – ME 350 Thermodynamics II – lectures highly rated by participated students.


Warsaw University of Technology, Poland Oct 06 – Dec 07, Nov 09 – Aug 11


- Preliminary work and organization of energy audits in Poland – Save Energy project.

- Simulation of underground solar energy storage systems – published papers.

- Teaching: Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Environment Protection and Renewable Energy.

Energy Efficiency Expert, Poland-Japan Energy Conservation Technology Center

- Advising and auditing of industrial energy systems in cooperation with Japanese experts.

- Partnership coordination between P-J ECTC and Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

- Successfully prepared and conducted theoretical and practical professional training in energy efficiency for managers from industrial sector.


Polish Oil and Gas Company, Poland Apr 99 – Sep 06, Jul 09 – Jul 11

Head of Technical Consulting Section, Central Measurement and Testing Laboratory

- Participation and managing in R&D projects in natural gas industry (biogas, LNG, CNG, shale gas) – successful reports for the POGC Corporation Headquarter.

- Member participation in work of the European Union Committee for Standardization, work effect: published standard: "EN 16314 Gas meters. Additional functionalities"

- Supervision of natural gas measurement devices used in international custody transfer processes.

- Successfully accomplished professional courses entitled “Measurements and uncertainty estimation in natural gas industry”.

Head of Geometrical Section, Central Measurement and Testing Laboratory:

- Responsibility for the accreditation of the national lab’s measurement standards.

- Participation in testing of new natural gas flow meters.

Specialist in Measurements Bureau, Headquarter

- Preparation and processing of Polish pipeline system data.


Academic Awards

- 2016 - UW Oshkosh Faculty Development Program for research entitled  "Influence of geometrical parameters on flameless combustion in industrial processes"

- 2015 - UW Oshkosh Faculty Development Program for research entitled "Optimization of a Complex Parallel Pump System"

- 2006 – PhD thesis with the distinction Cum Laude: “Long-term Underground Heat Storage with Solar Seasonal Regeneration”.

US DoE Advanced Manufacturing Office Awards for Excellence in Applied Energy Engineering Research

- 2013 – project "Radiation enhancement in melting and heat treating furnaces to increase productivity and reduce pollutants – an inexpensive method with significant benefits" ($25,000)

- 2012 –project "Possibility of Combustion Furnace Operation with Oxygen-Enriched Gas from Nitrogen Generator" ($25,000)


Additional Education

- January 2007: Energy Conservation Center, Tokyo: Energy Conservation Policy in Industry.

- July, 2006 – July, 2007: P-J ECTC. Various courses related to energy conservation in industry.

- January 2006: Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. Measurement Uncertainty.

- July 2006: Polish Center for Accreditation, Warsaw. Laboratory Internal Auditing.

- November 2004: Polish Center for Testing and Certification. Total Quality Management and Accreditation.


Other Skills

- Computer Proficiency: Windows, MS Office (all components), DELPHI, C++, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, HTML, ArcView, Surfer, LabVIEW, FLUENT and others.



- Automotive, traveling, hiking, swimming, skiing, programming, DIY.

List of Publications:

Peer-reviewed articles

  1. Olszewski P., Genetic Optimization and Experimental Verification of Complex Parallel Pumping Station with Centrifugal Pumps, Applied Energy (2016), DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2016.06.084

  2. Olszewski P., Borgnakke C., Volumetric capacity influence on energy consumption in oil lubricated screw compressors, Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications (2016), DOI: 10.1115/1.4034091 (in press)
  3. Olszewski P., Heat Recovery Investigation from Dryer-Thermal Oxidizer System in CornEthanol Plants, Applied Thermal Engineering (2015) DOI: 10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2015.02.033
  4. Olszewski P., Genetic optimization of steam multi-turbines system, Applied Thermal Engineering (2014) DOI: 10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2014.06.007
  5. Kluczek A., Olszewski P., Multidirectional Aspects of Energy Auditing in the Industrial Sector in the United States, District Heating, Heating, Ventilation (Ciepłownictwo, Ogrzewnictwo, Wentylacja), 11/2014, pp. 420 – 428
  6. Olszewski P., Sustainable management of compressed air systems, Mega-Industry, 4/2007, pp. 50 – 53
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  12. Olszewski P.: Technical solutions for heat demand in detached buildings, District Heating, Heating, Ventilation (Ciepłownictwo, Ogrzewnictwo, Wentylacja), 5/2002

Articles under review 

Kluczek A., Olszewski P., Energy audits in industrial processes, Journal of Cleaner Production



1. Chen Y., Daya R., Cao W., Olszewski P., Atreya A., Effect of torrefaction on fast pyrolysis of centimeter-scale birch wood particles, 9th U.S. National Combustion Meeting, Cincinnati 2015

2. Cao W., Chen Y., Olszewski P., Aanjaneya K., Ponnapalli C.S., Atreya A., Radiation enhancement to increase efficiency and reduce pollutants, 9th U.S. National Combustion Meeting, Cincinnati 2015

3. Ming X., Borgnakke D., Campos M., Olszewski P., Borgnakke C., Atreya A., Possibility of Combustion Furnace Operation with Oxygen-Enriched Gas from Nitrogen Generator, Proceedings of 2013 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry

4. Olszewski P., Optimisation of working ground heat storage with seasonal regeneration, Proceedings of ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 2006, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

5. Olszewski P., The possibility of using the ground as seasonal heat storage - the numerical study, Proceedings of 2004 ASME Heat Transfer/Fluids Engineering Summer Conference 2004, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

6. Olszewski P., Numerical modeling of temperature field in the ground storage system with vertical borehole, 9th International Conference on Thermal Energy Storage FUTURESTOCK 2003, Warsaw, POLAND September 1-4, 2003, Proceedings of FUTURESTOCK 2003, Volume I: 405 – 410


1. Atreya A., Wu O., Violi A., Davis A., Chen Y., Olszewski P., An Autonomous Biomass Reactor to Create Carbon Natural Transportation Fuels and Prevent Forest Fores, MCubed Sympossium 2013, University of Michgan, Ann Arbor, Nov 15, 2013

2. Leszczyńska – Domańska M., Domański R., Olszewski P, Analisys of long-term high temperature underground waste heat storage, VIII Conference "Research Problems of Heat Engineering", Warsaw, Poland, Dec 11-14, 2007

3. Leszczyńska – Domańska, M., Domański R., Olszewski P., Using of Solar radiation for Bridge deck Deicing in Polish climate – underground energy storage, XIII Symposium of heat and mass transfer, Darłówko – Koszalin, Poland, Sep 3 – 6, .2007

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