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"The beauty of the land and the dignity of work are made to go together. Both go hand in hand: the earth becomes beautiful when it is worked by man."

Pope Francis, 08/19/2015


In our current world, depletion of natural resources has intensified significantly. To maintain our civilization in a sustainable way, there are two paths forward for the future of engineering science: the development of new energy conversion technologies and the optimization of currently processed engineering solutions.

Having a solid background in both, manufacturing and academia, I would like to establish new standards for cooperation between industrial sector and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, both as an educational and a research facility. I am strongly convinced that such cooperation can be successfully built based on two pillars:

I. By the education of new generations of engineers, whose profile will meet employers’ expectations in a competitive job market

II. By research and development support for manufacturing plants improving energy conversion in their industrial processes

Additionally both areas interact closely with each other. Lectures inspired by industrial case histories can enrich curriculum of Engineering Technology program. Simultaneously, students participating in solving real problems, in addition to learning theoretical knowledge, will build up their practical skills. This will help them to become valuable candidates for any engineering positions. Finally professional, external insight into existing factories can bring new, fresh ideas improving efficiency of manufacturing processes.

To combine all together, the Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) program, which is currently under development, will be implementing courses with enhanced laboratory participation, reflecting the students theoretical background. Therefore, during spring 2015 semester I have started to design and construct the Teaching and Energy Research Industrial Lab (TERIL), which supports regular classes.

The UW Oshkosh Engineering Club (UWO EC) is an additional initiative that have been also introduced during the spring 2015 semester. Through the UWO IC, our students have a chance to visit local industrial plants. In many cases, it will be the first contact for students with the real engineering world. It is also a great opportunity to meet with future prospective employers.

I hope, that the vision presented above is attractive not only to future students, but also to wide range of current professionals, who would like to cooperate towards making our World better.


Pawel Olszewski, Ph. D.


Oshkosh, where Research and Education meet Industry

Sep 6th, 2016

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