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Resources and Equipment

The Environmental Engineering Technology Major allows students to work on the most modern and industrial relevant technology and equipment. Students are able to utilize the UW Oshkosh renewable energy facilities as laboratories for class and projects. Additionally, the Environmental Research & Innovation Center (ERIC) Lab maintains satellite laboratories in Sturgeon Bay, Eagle River and Manitowoc that provide additional field opportunities and project avenues. Students work hands-on at industrial scale air treatment systems, agricultural waste treatment systems, recreational water (beach) sites that have undergone reengineering.

The range of experience can be from computer modeling to the molecular evaluation of microorganisms producing biogas to development of water treatment technology to solid waste management technologies. In particular, students will benefit from the $14+ million of investment in renewable energy facilities, $9 million in grand funded projects, compost production facility and the ERIC Lab that is a nationally recognized and certified facility for the evaluation of water, wastewater, compost and biogas testing and research. 

Additionally, students have the opportunity to explore a number of areas of Environmental Engineering Technology. These include renewable energy, modeling environmental processes, water and wastewater treatment processes and technology, solid waste management and industrial air treatment technologies. 

The curriculum is designed to provide a broad base of technical education in water, air and soil environmental engineering technology while allowing students to explore specific areas that align with their interests. 

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