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NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2018

The NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge will encourage research and development of new technology for future mission planning and crewed space mission to other worlds.
Event Dates: April 13-14, 2018


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Summer 2017

  • At the beginning we did not know where to start. It was our the first challenge: to find idea, that would join us. We were sitting with computers to find interesting activity. After hours of reading websites, watching Youtube clips, etc we decided: The NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge. Let's go :).

Identifying Tasks _ obstacles.jpg

September 2017

  • We started... The preliminary stage of the NASA competition involved brainstorming ideas that would contribute to a successful project. One concept that is vastly different from other teams is the use of a pivot to provide flexible frame between the front and back set of wheels.

Mitch _ Frame.jpg Wheel Assembly.jpg

October 2017

  • Mitch delivers a presentation on a potential NASA concept design to the Engineering Club. Here, the focus is on the pivoting system that would be seated between two passengers. (left image)
  • The next step was to design a steering assembly that would provide rigidity and maximum control over uneven surfaces. A U-joint is incorporated in the steering system. This will allow the operator to maintain control of the vehicle, yet allow flexibility of each set of wheels when passing over rough terrain. (right image)

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