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Electronics Disposal

Electronics are one of the fastest growing parts of the waste stream, with millions of devices discarded each year in the United States.

Computers, TVs, cell phones and other electronics contain valuable materials that can be recovered through responsible recycling.

Electronics also contain potentially hazardous materials, such as lead and mercury that can pose a risk to human health and the environment if not properly managed.

Wisconsin’s electronics recycling law keeps many devices out of landfills and incinerators and creates recycling opportunities for state residents. Electronics recycling is a growing industry in the state, creating jobs and preserving valuable resources.


Electronics to recycle

The following electronics can no longer be put in the trash in Wisconsin, or sent to Wisconsin landfills and incinerators.

These items should be reused, donated or recycled:

  • Televisions
  • Computers (desktop, laptop, netbook and tablet computers)
  • Desktop printers (including those that scan, fax and/or copy)
  • Computer monitors
  • Other computer accessories (including mice, keyboards and speakers)
  • DVD players, VCRs and DVRs
  • Fax machines
  • Cell phones
  • Major appliances, including air conditioners, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, dehumidifiers, furnaces, boilers, water heaters and microwave ovens


UW Oshkosh Electronics Disposal Process

Items on this list should be surplused. Surplus items on the UWO campus are divided into two categories; computers or peripherals, and all other electronic devices.

Computers and peripherals are funneled through Academic Computing where hard drives are cleaned of data and peripherals are determined to be of further use or not.

The form needed to dispose of or surplus computers and peripherals can be found on the Administrative Services website. Items no longer deemed useful are then disposed of by placing a work-order to have Facilities Management take to the Surplus Area in the Campus Services Center. The items are eventually disassembled for recycling of component parts.

All other electronic items to be disposed/surplused should be coordinated with your area manager. A non-computer surplus form can be found on the Administrative Services website.  

This form should be completed and sent to the Purchasing Office in Dempsey Hall, Room 236. This is followed up by a work-order to have Facilities Management pick up the items for delivery to the Surplus Area in the Campus Services Center. 

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