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Hazard Transportation

In order to protect the public at large, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the shipping and transportation of hazardous materials in commerce on roadways and airways. All DOT hazardous materials are listed in the DOT's Hazardous Material Table found in 49 CFR 172.101.

The regulations for shipping hazardous materials apply to all individuals involved in the shipping process, including individuals who:

  • Arrange for transport
  • Package materials
  • Mark and label packages
  • Prepare shipping papers
  • Handle, load, and segregate packages within a transport vehicle

The regulations require that individuals receive training that must be refreshed at a minimum of every three years or when there is a significant change in the regulations. Awareness training is offered by the hazardous waste vendor under the state Hazardous Waste contract.

Off-Campus Shipping of Hazardous Materials

Small quantity exceptions exist for shipping hazardous materials to laboratories. Contact Greg Potratz, 424-1488,, for questions regarding the shipment of laboratory samples. 

On-Campus Transportation of Hazardous Materials

UW Oshkosh is considered a government agency; therefore employees transporting hazardous materials on campus are not placing the materials "in commerce." Employees transporting materials between campus buildings on public roadways are exempt from the DOT Hazardous Material Regulations. Individuals who move hazardous chemicals on campus are still subject to the following university requirements:

  • The employee moving the material should be trained and familiar with its hazards and basic handling properties
  • Before moving the material, an emergency plan and spill kit must be available in case of an accident or environmental discharge
  • Secondary containment of hazardous materials must be used where there is a potential for a spill
  • Only university vehicles may be used for the transportation of hazardous materials

Hazardous waste can only be transported by EHS staff and approved contractors.  

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