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Safety Rules for Powered Equipment

In order to maintain the highest level of safety and efficiency in the work area, it is necessary to conform to standard work practice behavior. When working with equipment of any kind you must be aware of the potential for injury and observe behaviors that will eliminate risk. Organization and planning are fundamental aspects of safety.

Work Behavior

Please observe the following in the work area. You are using a shared space, so sensible and considerate behavior will enhance the community experience.

  • Do not rush. Be organized and plan in advance what equipment you will use.
  • Plan the type of work activities you will be engaged in. 
  • Respect others' space and working time. Distractions cause accidents.
  • Keep your working area tidy and organized.
  • Ask questions about equipment and technique. If you are unsure, request individual help.
  • Do not run or move quickly in the space.
  • Be aware of who is using what, and the location of others in the room.
  • Concentrate when using hand tools and larger equipment.
  • Wear sensible clothing.
  • Use the right tool for the right job.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke in the work area.
  • Wash your hands when you have finished.
  • Do not work in inappropriate areas.

All pieces of powered equipment are potentially very dangerous if mishandled. You must comply with all safety regulations when using the equipment.

The following are general safety guidelines for use of some of the powered equipment typically found in studios and shops.

General Shop Safety Guidelines

  • Wear suitable eye protection when engaged in any activity where eye hazards may exist.
  • Be sure your clothes are safe and suitable for shop work. Remove or fasten any loose clothing. Roll loose sleeves up above your elbows. Keep your hair away from equipment while it is in operation.
  • Use a brush or piece of wood to clear away dry chips and use a rag to clean oily areas.
  • It is mandatory that you keep all machine safety guards on the machines in their correct position.
  • Keep-the floor clear of scraps and litter.
  • Exercise care in your handling of large, heavy and long pieces of material.
  • Make sure that everyone is clear of the machines before turning the power on to the machines.
  • Wait to clear scrap stock from the machines until it has come to a complete stop.
  • Do not engage in any form of "horse play" while in the shop.
  • Keep fingers clear of the point of operation of machines by using special tools or devices such as push sticks, hooks, pliers, etc. Do not operate any item of equipment unless you are familiar with its operation and have been authorized to operate it. If you have any questions regarding the use of equipment, ask the area supervisor.
  • Avoid excessive use of compressed air to blow dirt or chips from machinery to avoid scattering chips. Never use compressed air guns to clean clothing, hair, or aim at another person.
  • A brush, hook, or special tool is preferred for removal of chips, shavings, etc. from the work area. Never use the hands.
  • Check the power cords and plugs on portable tools for damage or fray before using them.

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