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Safety and Health Policy for Students

General Information

The University of Wisconsin System will provide and maintain adequate facilities for a safe and healthy learning environment.

It is the University's responsibility to work with faculty and staff so that they are equipped to educate students on practices and procedures that enhance safety for all members of the University.

Employees with instructional responsibilities are expected to comply with state and federal safety laws and regulations in their institutional areas.

Certain courses and research projects require that the student work with hazardous materials while engaging in academic studies. Instructors of these courses and research projects shall inform and train students on procedures that will maintain the students' personal health and safety and provide them with information on the hazards of specific chemicals that will be used during their course of study. Furthermore, instructors will enforce and follow safety policies.

Prior to use of hazardous materials and equipment, the student shall review the procedures and information and discuss any associated concerns with the instructor.

Working Alone Safely

Because of the nature of the university environment, it is often necessary for students to be alone in campus buildings after the regularly scheduled closure times for either special projects or ongoing work. Working alone in certain circumstances or environments requires special arrangements to minimize potential risks of injury.

The University of Wisconsin System Office of Safety and Loss Prevention have developed guidelines to address these issues. The guidelines focus on unpaid students who are not covered by worker’s compensation and are meant to promote safety for students working on academic or service-oriented projects associated with the University on and off campus.

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