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Ergonomics at UW Oshkosh                                     

Our goal is to help to provide a safe environment that minimizes potential injuries, decreases cumulative trauma disorders and workers' compensation expenses, increases productivity, and ensures a healthier work environment.

Woman sitting at a desk showing the proper desk postureErgonomics tips:

  • Be alert for and avoid situations that can cause repeated strains to the arms, hands, back, and neck.
  • Try to maintain a neutral hand or arm position while doing any task.
  • Report to your supervisor any situations that may cause a repeated strain or stress to your body.
  • Avoid situations that may create strains or muscle pulls due to force or position required to complete the task.
  • In order to reduce the possibility of strains, prepare your body by stretching or participating in simple warm-up activities early in your shift.


Lifting Guidelines                                       

  • Lifting guidelines info graphic—shows a man at three stages of the lifting process, on the ground, picking the box up and standing with the boxLift with your legs, not your back.
  • Keep the load close to your body.
  • Move your feet to turn and never twist your body while lifting.
  • Think about your foot position when lifting an object to ensure your feet are safe if the load falls.
  • Get help with heavy or bulky loads.
  • Be alert for pinch points and watch your hand position.
  • Maintain communication with anyone helping you lift.
  • Be alert when carrying long objects that may strike a person or equipment.

UWO Campus and State of Wisconsin Resources: 

For additional information contact your supervisor, or Campus Safety Office at (920) 424-4484.

Other Resources:

NIOSH and OSHA Resources:


Other Resources:

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