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Confined Space Program                

The purpose of the Confined Space program is to protect the health and safety of employees who enter confined spaces and/or are assigned to serve as attendants or rescue personnel.

Three workers about to enter a confined space wearing safety harnessesThis program applies to all employees who are authorized to enter a confined space, all employees assigned to serve as attendants and/or provide assistance during a CS emergency rescue and to employees who serve as CS Entry Supervisors and/or CS Entry Program Administrators.


The best way to survive an emergency involving a confined space is to avoid having the emergency.

These procedures assume that workers entering a confined space will follow procedures established for routine entry into confined spaces. While some of the requirements may seem unusual or cumbersome, the procedures are necessary to prevent emergencies or to help workers survive a confined space emergency.

Workers must complete the "Confined Space Entry Permit," follow the precautions listed on the permit and any other specific procedures established.


CONFINED SPACE — a space that meets all the following criteria:

  • is large enough to bodily enter and perform work;
  • has limited means of entry and egress;
  • is not designed for continuous employee occupancy; and
  • has one of four hazardous characteristics (e.g., hazardous atmosphere, engulfment, entrapment, or other safety/health hazard). 

Examples may include tanks, silos, boilers, pits, bins, manholes, electrical vaults, grease traps, and hoppers.

This sign means “Stay Out” unless you are trained in proper Confined Space procedures. This sign means “Stay Out” unless you are trained in proper Confined Space procedures. 

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