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Fire Inspection Checklist

The following items are included on the checklist used by the Oshkosh Fire Department when inspecting UW Oshkosh buildings:


  • Obstructed exit: Remove any obstruction to exit immediately.
  • Fire escape route blocked or restricted: Remove any obstruction to fire escape route immediately. Storage resulting in restricted access is prohibited.

Fire Doors

  • General: Exit doors must be identified and operable.
  • Exit door blocked or restricted: Remove any obstruction to exit doors immediately.
  • Inoperative fire door: Fire doors must be operative, self-closing or attached to a fused device.
  • Closing door device: Check self-closing device to assure it is functional.
  • Door wedged open: Immediately remove wedge or item holding fire-rated door in an open position.
  • Latches: Self-closing doors should close fully and latch.
  • Panic Bar: Assure that panic bar is in operable condition.

Housekeeping — Miscellaneous

  • Aisles/Stairs/Hallways: Immediately remove any obstruction, material, trash that could hamper easy exits from aisles, hallways and stairwells.
  • Storage in basements and attics: Must be neat and reasonable.
  • Storage in stairwells and stairwell landings is prohibited.
  • Wall decorations: Combustible decorations on walls not to exceed 10% of overall wall space.
  • Gas cylinders: Pressurized cylinders must be labeled and secured.
  • Storage areas: Storage rooms or areas must be neat and reasonable.


  • Charge: Examine pressure gauge to determine if fully charged.
  • Service: Examine extinguisher pin for any apparent damage and check for broken seal.
  • Tagged/Marked: Tag should indicate inspection within past month.
  • Blocked: Assure that extinguisher is accessible for use and unblocked by furniture or debris (three foot minimum clearance).
  • Mounted: The top of the fire extinguisher should be no more than five feet from the floor.

Flammable And Combustible Liquids

  • Storage: Flammable liquids must be stored in a flammable liquids safety container.


  • Excessive/Improper Storage: Remove flammable decorations from areas of assembly to alleviate hazard. Remove combustible material from mechanical or equipment rooms.


  • Defective Fixtures: Assure immediate repair of any damaged electrical fixtures.
  • Missing Cover Plate: Immediately replace any missing or damaged outlet covers.
  • Missing Electrical Panel Cover: Report any missing or damaged electrical panel covers.
  • Extension Cord: Cords are allowed for temporary use of portable appliances.
  • Access Blocked to Electrical Panel: Remove materials blocking access to panel (3-foot minimum clearance).


  • Storage: No items may be stored within 18" of a sprinkler head in any direction.



Additional Resources

  • Common Fire Code Violations, City of Milwaukee, Department of Building Inspection

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