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Emergency Contacts

EAP Daytime
(920) 424-2061
Winnebago County Crisis Intervention Services
(920) 233-7707
University Police
(920) 424-1212


1 (800) 273-TALK (8225)



The Employee Assistance Program

The Employees Assistance Program (EAP) is a part of the UWO Counseling Center on campus. We provide services specific to faculty and staff employed by UWO. Our mission for both students and employees is providing services that provide encouragement and enhancement of one’s mind, body, and spirit wellness. We have three main focuses to assist employees which are:




Support consists of consultation and case management services. Through consultation services, counselors provide support, guidance, feedback and resources for individuals requesting assistance for an individual or situation that is outside of themselves. This can include challenging work place issues or a concern for a family member or friend.




Resources consist of our case management services. Case Management services are designed more specifically for you. Counselors usually see an employee for about three meetings to discuss what interpersonal needs you may have, explore resources for you, and assist in a referral if needed/desired.




Enrichment consists of the special programming, campaigns and special events we have for employees. We currently provide three workshop series a week that are designed to enrich your life and your workplace experience which are referred to as “Finding Your Joy”. We also are currently offering the “Happiness Project”. This project is designed for departments to come together to take a moment to focus on ways to improve, support, and enhance one’s individual happiness and collective happiness at work. See the tabs to learn more information on these programs and projects.

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